Welcome To Judy Suter BSc(pod med) FPSPract Podiatrist.


 Pods Footcare at 5 The Walk is open Monday to Saturday (excluding bank holidays) from 09.00hrs to 17:30hrs.(10 -3pm on Saturday)

Appointments with Judy Suter can be made Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, times subject to availability.
Appointments with Jessica Suter , Foot Health Practitioner can be made on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
Appointments must be made via the phone (24 hour answerphone)  Please leave a message incase we are busy.

The most common foot care ailments occur from declining arch support. As Foot Health experts, Judy and Jessica Suter are committed to bringing the best technology on the market to their patients by providing   orthotic arch supports by Vasyli (prescription only) which are heat mouldable offering tailoring to meet individuals needs and requirements. They come in a range of styles so to fit lifestyles such as sport orthotics, slimfit, half length and full length.
An Orthotic fitting costs £99 with free follow up appointments if necessary.
Podiatry appointments can be booked by ringing 01502 711096.